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What can we do for you?

Educational Games

All our games are design with a combination of education and entertainment. The aim is to inpsire kids.

We have designed Jigsaw Puzzle games, Interactive characters using text to speech and voice recognition. 

Games are designed using the Unity Game Engine.

Mobile Apps & Web Apps

Looking to automate your operational process to create efficiencies within your organization? Mobile and Web apps allow you to manage your office on the go! 24x7 and from anywhere in the world. Get realtime Dashboards, notifications & information at your finger tips!

e-Learning Apps

Need to equip your team with the best skills? Let us custom design an e-learning tool to quickly get new off the ground! Interactive content and online assessments are created to support your growing organisation. Equip new staff with the experinence off your seasoned staff.

IoT - Internet Of Things & A.I.

IoT Measure & control your envionment (Temperature, pressure, VOC gasses, etc), push all this data realtime to your phone or to the cloud. Be in control!

A.I. Use artificial intelligence and computer vision to assess vast amounts of information in realtime. Applications from class attendence,  water pollution, health, security to envionmental issues.